As many of you know I took some time off last fall to concentrate on doing some very intense personal growth work, but what you may not know is that this work has been ongoing. This has been some of the hardest work I’ve ever had to do and without question the most important.

I’ve had to rearrange some things in my life to minimize the distractions, so I could focus and concentrate on this work and in the process of doing this and as things have developed, I’ve had to make a hard decision and that decision is to leave America Out Loud. I never thought I would do this but is something that I realized I must do as my path has taken a different route.

This is a bittersweet goodbye for me. It’s sad to be leaving, but I’m excited as to the new direction my life is taking. I’m going to be focusing my attention on helping PANS/PANDAS children and their families. This has been my plan all along to help these children heal once we find the breakthrough we needed. And we have done this and as a result it has become clear that I need to leave America Out Loud and focus my attention in this area. I know this is the most important thing I can be doing at this time in my life and is very exciting for me.

I will forever be thankful and grateful to America Out Loud and to all the wonderful people who work there but especially to Malcolm. He is a wonderful, kind, and generous soul who really wants to help people get their voices heard. He has done a lot for me, and I am very thankful to him for giving me a chance and a platform to get my message out. I know the network will be a huge success as it already is and a major force in the world and wish them the best.

Thank you to AOL and to all of my listeners for being a part of my life. And if you have a PANS/PANDAS child or know someone who does and want to know more about what I’m doing in this area then email me at

Be sure to come back here to for updates.

Thank you again and I love you all!

Beverly Butler




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