An ADHD diet planned around your child can help them live a normal healthy and happy life. According to main stream medicine an ADHD diet is insignificant but in regard to those in alternative medicine the role in how diet affects ADHD is great.  Some including me have the firm conviction that it can’t be overstated.

There are many ways that diet affects kids with ADHD. Some of the main offensive foods which we will discuss includes sugar, food coloring, allergenic foods, and genetically modified organisms or GMO’s. Implementing an ADHD diet into your families’ lifestyle will have a tremendous effect on the health and behavior of your children.


Super food smoothieOne example of how diet affects ADHD is what happens to many children when they consume too much sugar or food coloring. The mothers of these sensitive children will tell you if their child gets too much sugar/food coloring they will bounce off the walls till it wears off. So they do their best to keep their child off of foods that contain these substances. So leaving these substances out of your child’s diet is one critical component of an ADHD diet.

An article in by PF Louis concerning how important an ADHD diet is states:

The issues around environment and diet are usually ignored. Kids get hooked on sugar and junk foods with artificial flavorings and colorings that are excitoxins, which cause neurological damage. Diet, TV and a lack of friendly, firm order in the toddler’s environment will affect a child’s behavior.


Another illustration of the importance of an ADHD diet is the affect food allergies have on ADHD children. More and more people especially children are being affected by allergies in today’s world. There are different reasons for this but the point is, allergies can greatly affect a child’s behavior, focus, and concentration among other things. This is something that we’ve had first hand experience with and my daughter and I are presently being treated for lots of allergies. We are already seeing some positive results but as of this writing it’s still early in our treatments.

The list of symptoms of allergies is very long and on that list is ADHD as some cases of ADHD are allergy induced. A person would need to be tested in order to find out if this is the case or not. To learn more you can get the book Say Good-bye to ADD and ADHD by Devi S. Nambudripad at amazon.

You can see the video interview I did with Dr. Marilyn Elliott on allergies and the treatment that is effective at helping your body get rid of them for good at:

momsbannersmhdTo further discuss the importance of an ADHD diet let’s look at genetically modified organisms or GMO’s. These are plants that have been crossbred with other organisms like animals and vice versa– organisms that are not normally crossbred.

This goes against nature in a most profound way and there have not been enough studies to prove the safety of these unnatural plants and animals as a matter of fact some of the studies have shown them to be very unsafe and dangerous. For example, they have been shown to cause organ failure in some studies.


Then there is the issue of the gut and GMO’s. (A good ADHD diet should exclude things that will inflame and damage the gut.) There is strong evidence that GMO’s may damage the intestines. The significance of this is that the gut is sometimes called the second brain and there is a strong connection between the brain and the gut.

If the gut is unhealthy then the person will usually have brain issues as well i.e. foggy thinking, low concentration, poor memory, etc… So it’s not a stretch at all to think that with gut issues, you could also have brain problems including ADHD. This is yet another illustration in how important an ADHD diet is.


These are just some of the ways that show the importance of a good ADHD diet. The brain like all of our bodily systems needs good nutrients to stay healthy and needs to be free of toxins to function normally and with the world especially America, lacking in good nutrition and overrun by toxins it’s no wonder that so many children and adults are having brain issues like ADHD, but the good news is this can be turned around. It will take a concerted effort by all concerned, but it can be done, and it all starts with a good ADHD diet.

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Beverly Butler
Author, Trained Health Coach

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