This is the interview I did with Dr. Marilyn Elliott: Dr. Elliott obtained her BS in chemical engineering from Mississippi State University in 1983. Then in 1993 she went to chiropractic school and graduated from Life University in 1997. Following her graduation, she moved to Birmingham, Alabama, where she has devoted her life to assisting her patients to regain and maintain their health, and to discover and fully live their life’s missions.

Dr. Elliott began her study in Energy Medicine under Dr. Devi S. Nambudripad in 2003. She holds the highest available Advanced-Level NAET certification, and is currently the only certified NAET practitioner in the state of Alabama.  In December 2004, she was selected to serve on the editorial board of the peer-reviewed Journal of NAET Energetics and Complimentary Medicine.

Dr. Marilyn Elliott has presented several seminars as a guest lecturer on allergies, chiropractic, glyconutrition and other health-related topics.  Her seminar on Adult Stem Cell Proliferation Using Glyconutrients was presented at UAB Hospital in April 2005.

Hi Dr. Elliott it’s good to have you with us today. I also want to mention a book by her
mentor and the doctor that discovered this technique that we are going to talk about today called, “Say Good-bye to Illness” by Dr. Devi S. Nambudripad. I would encourage every- one to get this book. You can get it at

BB: Let’s start the conversation with the definition of allergy, what exactly is an allergy?

Dr. E: My definition of an allergy is an unusual sensitivity to substance or energetic disharmony with any energy, which produces a symptom within the individual’s physiology. 

BB: What causes allergies? (root cause)

Dr. E: Various factors may be considered to be the root cause of energetic blockages, which result in allergies:  heredity; accumulation of toxins from the environment, pathogens, or foods; decreased function in the immune system from illness or severe stress; severe overexposure to poisons or toxins; emotional trauma/shock; prolonged radiation exposure.

BB: Since you are saying that energetic blockages are the root cause of allergies, what is your take on the common thought in alternative medicine that a leaky gut is the actual cause of allergies?

Dr. E: At the risk of sounding non-committal, Beverly, I believe that there are numerous paths to allergies, and it is possible for someone with no allergies and a healthy colon to develop allergies once the damage to the colon develops.  What I have found often in my practice, though, is that hidden allergies or allergies that are delayed can cause damage to the colon and thereby create the leaky gut syndrome.

BB: Give us some examples of some unusual allergies that are fairly common but virtually unknown by the general public, ( i.e. you can be allergic to water, other people, yourself, your own adrenaline or other body substances and parts, thoughts, emotions, vitamins/minerals, etc…)

Dr. E: It is interesting that you mention the allergy to water.  I’ve encountered that quite a bit.  For instance, one patient asked me if she could possibly be allergic to water, because she noticed that each time she drank it, she felt faint.   I tested her, and found that she was, indeed, allergic to water.  After her treatment, she was able to drink water with no problems after that.  I will usually test patients to an allergy to water, just to make sure they are energetically balanced with it.  If you cannot tolerate drinking water, regardless of it’s quality, you are probably allergic to it.

I have had patients whom I treated for electromagnetic radiation from televisions, computers and cell phones.  Their symptoms ranged from childhood hyperactivity to insomnia.  Each patient responded positively to his or her treatments.

A female patient in her late 50’s had suffered from migraines and declining health for over 20 years.  During her treatment for the basic NAET protocol, I realized that she was severely allergic to her husband, and that he was the allergen creating her migraines.  After her treatment for him, her migraines ceased. 

A neighbor’s dog was allergic to his nylon collar, which was causing him to scratch until his ears were bare of hair.  After I treated the dog for nylon, he stopped scratching and started acting like he was a younger dog.

A two-week old baby, who would scream during most of her waking hours, had completely changed once home after her arrival.  After treating her for her mother’s milk, I treated her for her mother.  As soon as she cleared the treatment for her mother, she slept peacefully, which was a shock and welcome surprise to the family.  In a discussion with the mother, she revealed that she and the father had a stormy relationship and that she hated him and the baby during the pregnancy.  With NAET, I was allowed to reconcile the baby with her mother, and balance the mother’s energy with the father so that the family could be a functional one.  I can tell you….that was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had in my practice.

BB: You had mentioned to me earlier about a problem you are seeing alternative doctors make in that they are missing a step in diagnosing and treating patients – you said they should check to make sure that the person is not allergic to the supplements they are prescribing to them- elaborate on this, please.

Dr. E: Please understand that I am not placing any blame on any practitioner that prescribes supplements or nutriceuticals to their patients. What I want everyone to understand is:  The fact that you physiologically need a substance does not automatically mean your body can tolerate that substance. Some physicians know that already, and they closely monitor their patients to see how they respond to their recommendations, and make changes accordingly. Most people are unaware of their reactions unless they are truly remarkable, so they will continue taking something that is causing them a problem without knowing they are harming themselves further.

BB: What about the people who go from doctor to doctor and take medicines and/or supplements but really don’t get any better, at least not enough to amount to anything -if at all – could allergies be the cause of these people not responding to treatments?

Dr. E: When I encounter patients who have been to multiple doctors without getting better, I have usually found that allergies are at the bottom of their condition.  Many times, their reactions to the medications are causing a problem as well.  When patients are allergic to their medication, I can treat them for the medication while they continue to take it.  They can work closely with their medical doctor to reduce the amount they are taking or the doctor can take them off it when they no longer need it. 

BB: How do allergies affect the body?

Dr. E: The way allergies affect the body is determined by which meridian is most affected by the allergy.  For instance, if the brain is weak, the patient will suffer from brain allergies.  The allergy will manifest as insomnia, mood swings, emotional imbalances like bi-polar disorder or depression, brain fog, short-term memory loss, etc…

If the lung meridian is affected most the patient may have frequent colds, asthma, sneezing, runny nose or nose bleeds. 

BB: How do allergies affect our health long term?

Dr. E: I often hear people say, “I used to have allergies when I was a child, but I outgrew them”.   What I find is that the body exchanged one set of symptoms for another set, which is not understood to be caused by an allergy.  For example, if she had asthma when she was a child, she has migraines now.  Dr. Devi says that she has known people who have died from their allergies.  As with any other health condition, if the body is not healed, it will continue to deteriorate.  Quoting Dr. Devi, “If you fail to eradicate the blockage…the adverse energy eventually could take over the body and cause problems at deeper levels.  For example:  the aches and pains can turn into chronic arthritis, causing degenerative changes in the joints; a sore throat can turn into an infection or become enlarged or infected tonsil and require surgery; painful lymph nodes may turn into pus-filled abscesses; breast abscesses may turn into tumors and cancers; muscle weakness may turn into muscle wasting disorders; headaches can turn into severe migraines; mild sleep disorders may turn into severe insomnia; neuropsychological complaints, such as anger, irritability, confusion, depression, etc., may turn the sufferer into a psychiatric case…”

BB: You use a treatment method called NAET explain what that is?  And how does it work?

Dr.E: N.A.E.T. is an acronym for Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique, which was founded by Dr. Devi S. Nambudripad.  I’ll describe what it is and how it works, by explaining how Dr. Devi discovered it as she has described in her book, “Say Good-bye to Illness”.  As a child growing up in a little village in India, Dr. Devi was extremely ill.  During her lectures she recalled seeing airplanes flying over crops dusting with pesticides, and surmised that it was exposures to chemicals that caused her to become ill back then.  She stated that an Ayurvedic healer admonished her mother to feed her a special combination of herbs and rice only.  When she adhered to that regimen, she would feel healthy.  When she strayed from her regimen, she would be sick.

When she came to the United States, she was determined to cure herself, and she began her medical study first in nursing.  She quickly found her way to the alternative care field and started chiropractic school.  She added acupuncture to her study, and it was with these two fields of study that she had her first breakthrough.  While learning Kinesiology and acupuncture, Dr. Devi learned how to determine what was causing her body to be ill.  One day she strayed from her regimen of rice and broccoli, which was a food she discovered she could eat with no adverse results, and munched on a carrot.  Her immediate reaction was near fainting.  She was administered acupuncture and allowed to rest.  She awoke feeling different from ever before, and discovered that there was a bit of carrot stuck to her body during the acupuncture treatment.  She correctly concluded that there was a connection between her renewed energy and the contact between the carrot and her skin during her acupuncture treatment.

Dr. Devi had been studying about the relationship between acupuncture and electromagnetic fields, and realized that the electromagnetic field of her body and that of the carrot had been synced during the acupuncture treatment that revived her.

BB: What is a treatment session like?

Dr. E: NAET treatments synchronize the electromagnetic field or energy of the allergy with the energy of the patient’s body by the use of acupressure on certain command points of the body’s meridians while in contact with a vial, which represents the energy of the allergen.

BB: Sometimes children can be allergic to parents and vice versa and that can cause a lot of behavior problems in children correct? As you noted an example above can you give us another example of this as I believe this is a critical piece of information for all parents.

Dr. E: My daughter’s brain allergies….certain foods would make her depressed and she would start crying after eating them.

BB: Is there anything else you would like to say?

Dr. E: Most of us have allergies that we are unaware of…elaboration of NAET able to determine if your problem is due to allergies and detect what you are allergic to.

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