The causes of ADHD in children as we have discussed in part 1 of “Causes of ADHD”, are electromagnetic radiation that we get from cell phones, computers, etc… plus the lack of consumption of a very important nutrient called Omega 3 that is vitally necessary for brain health along with other nutrient deficiencies. In this article, I want to talk about the problem of toxins in our diet as another one of the causes of ADHD in children plus four other causes.

According to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald, toxins are being blamed for an increase in the occurrence of brain disorders such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, autism, and other neurodevelopmental disorders. This highlights the issue of toxins being one of the causes of ADHD.

Two doctors, Philippe Grandjean from Harvard School of Public Health and Philip Landrigan from the New York Mount Sinai School of Medicine have said that, “in the past seven years, the number of recognized chemical causes of neurodevelopmental disorders doubled from six to 12.”

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They go on to say that pesticides are the worst offenders as more than 80,000 industrial chemicals used in the U.S. have not been tested as to their safety on children and fetuses. They are pushing for testing on new and existing chemicals for their safety in order to stay in the marketplace. These untested toxins and chemicals are not only one of the causes of ADHD but they also cause a host of other health problems.

This is a good move that they are proposing as something should be done to reduce the amount of toxins in our environment and reduce one of the causes of ADHD. They are all around us including in our food, clothing, air, and water and with the number of neurodevelopmental disorders on the rise this testing of chemicals will not start any too soon.


Another one of the causes of ADHD in children are developmental vision problems. This is a vision problem that can only be diagnosed by a specially qualified optometrist. They are called Developmental or Behavioral optometrists. This has more to do with the function of the brain along with vision problems themselves.

This can cause a wide range of symptoms including, stress, anger issues, ADHD, dyslexia, learning problems, lazy eye, headaches, motion sickness, blurred vision, eye tracking problems, plus many more and is definitely one of the causes of ADHD in children that is overlooked by the majority of people.

There have been many symptoms of ADHD eliminated after successful vision therapy is implemented and is proof that this is one of the causes of ADHD in children. This was one of the treatments that really helped eliminate some of our daughter’s symptoms (she had a lot to work on!)

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The treatment for this disorder is vision therapy which usually includes several months or a year or two of therapy. The therapy includes various eye exercises that include doing physical hand/eye exercises as well as doing work on the computer. This takes a large degree of dedication of the parents and child but the end results are wonderful as many of the symptoms of ADHD greatly improve or disappear altogether.

This has also been shown to improve children’s self-esteem and personality. It’s a very effective way to eliminate one of the causes of ADHD and may be all a parent needs to do to fix the problem if this is the only cause of their child’s ADHD.


The fifth area I want to discuss in regards to some of the causes of ADHD is allergy induced ADHD. Yes, in some cases ADHD is caused by allergies. Dr. Devi S. Nambudripad has written about this in one of her books titled Say Goodbye to ADD and ADHD, this is a book that talks about a technique that she developed and uses to treat patients with ADD and ADHD.

This technique is called NAET, and it helps the body eliminate allergies for good. It has been proven to be one of the causes of ADHD when it is induced by allergies. It’s basically an energetic technique that helps the body remove energetic blockages and once they are removed then the illness or disorder that the blockage was causing also goes away.

Watch the full interview on allergies that I did with Dr. Marilyn Elliott, a NAET practitioner at click the banner below to learn more:

momsbannersmhdThe sixth and final area I want to mention that is another one of the causes of ADHD is food additives/coloring and sugar. This has been noted for awhile now by health professionals and mothers alike. Many mothers notice that when their children eat a lot of sugar or have certain food colorings that they go haywire. Their children’s system cranks up to hyper speed and they then ‘crash’ when the effects of the food coloring or sugar wears off.

These are some of the causes of ADHD that not many people are talking about, and it goes to show that there are many possible answers besides medication that can address the underlying causes of ADHD and fix the problem or at least improve it.

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