There is some debate among those in the medical community as to the dangers of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) to children’s brains and if it could be one of the causes of ADHD in children today. A study was done by Yale University School of Medicine’s Dr. Hugh Taylor, chair of the Department of Obstetrics, gynecology and Reproductive Sciences in which he and his team put cell phones in the cages of pregnant mice and turned them on, and in other cages put in cell phones that were turned off.

The results were noticeable in that the newborn mice in the cages that had the cellphones turned on were more hyper and had poorer memories than the ones in which the cell phones were turned off.

Pregnant woman with a mobile phone.

This has led researchers to conclude that electromagnetic radiation in vitro can be one of the causes of ADHD in children as these affected mice acted in much the same way as do children with ADHD.

This also raises concern about young children and cell phone usage as this may not only be a cause of ADHD but other more serious problems in children and adults as in brain cancer. Also, some people are very sensitivity to EMR’s and can exhibit other symptoms like burning or tingling sensations, headaches, cardiac palpitations, problems with memory, concentration and dizziness, flu-like symptoms, nausea, etc… that they may not associate with their cell phones or other electromagnetic devices.


I have been concerned for a long time now about this and try to ensure that my daughter (even though she is 19 now,) and I are protected from EMR with a simple EMR blocker that we put on our cell phones. I’ve tried to get my husband to use one, but he doesn’t always cooperate (all you wives out there know what I’m talking about!)

I think that everyone should be protected from EMR – whether it’s one of the causes of ADHD or not, as much as possible that’s why I also have an EMR blocker on my computer.


There are many of these types of EMR blockers out there but one thing you want to be sure that they have some kind of test to prove that they do block out EMR and always find out how long they last as you will have to replace them every so often. The ones we have need to be replaced once a year.

There are also items you can wear (i.e. necklace) that protects you even further from EMR, but whatever you decide to do, protecting yourself from EMR is a common sense approach to protecting your health and possibly avoiding other problems in the future.

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Beverly Butler
Author, Trained Health Coach

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