These problems often start before birth but if ignored can be devastating to not just the child but the whole family. But there is a solution to these problems, one that’s worked for over 10 years but is largely unknown to the public. Today’s show will change all of that.

Neurological problems in children have reached epidemic proportions in this country with 1 in 10 children being diagnosed with ADHD, and 1 in 45 with autism. But there is hope. In today’s show, I talk with Dr. Robert Melillo, who has been helping kids for over 10 years to overcome these problems and live a happy, healthy successful life.

In order to fix a problem you have to know what is causing it, and this is where Dr. Melillo shines. He not only knows the main cause of neurological problems in children but has a program to reverse and fix these problems. He says the root cause of these problems starts in the brain – a brain that is disconnected – the right brain is disconnected from the left brain.

Dr. Robert Melillo is a world renowned chiropractor, neurologist, professor, and researcher in child neurological disorders and creator of the Brain Balance Program and author of the 4 books, Disconnected Kids, Reconnected Kids, Disconnected Kids Nutrition Plan, and Autism.

He also says that these problems often start before a child is born with the health and stress levels of the mother.

One of the signs that a child has a left brain/right brain disconnect is that the child doesn’t meet the early milestones at the appropriate age. The child can also be extremely talented in one area but be behind in another. For example, a child may be very gifted in music but have a hard time with reading and concentration. This is a major sign of a brain imbalance.

Dr. Melillo goes so far as to say that if a child has a brain imbalance that’s corrected early enough then that child’s chance of being diagnosed with ADHD, autism or any other neurological problem is greatly reduced.

This is one of the most important shows I’ve ever done.

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