Many people go through life with no direction and no purpose. They take life as it comes and feel no sense of importance in this world. They consider themselves either lucky or unlucky depending on what is going on in their lives. To them life is just a random event and their life is empty and pointless. They have no dreams, goals, or purpose they are living for. They just exist and live for the day. And when their life becomes difficult they have a hard time dealing with it. Of course, this can happen to any of us, but for those that realize we are here for a reason and that everything happens for a reason, we look at things differently and have a sense of comfort about us. We may not always know right away what that is, but in time, if we are paying attention we can see why things have happened the way they have.

When faced with difficulties and our back is against the wall we’re given a chance to see what we’re really made of.

I know how much my own life has changed in going through years of dealing with a sick child. I don’t even recognize myself now compared to how I was years ago. And I can truly say I’m so glad that I have changed. I don’t look at life the same way anymore. I value life and health so much more. Life is so much richer and fuller now. I would never want to go back to the old me and would never exchange any of my experiences for anything because now I can help so many more people and that is very fulfilling to me and makes me very happy. This can be true for anyone. We can take the bad and turn it into something good.

Fulfillment comes when one overcomes

If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that the struggles and difficulties of life change who we are, what we think, and how we feel. We should be thankful for the hard times because we can’t really appreciate happiness without sadness, or friendship without loneliness, health without sickness, and we can’t really appreciate love without experiencing hate. There’s a positive and a negative to all aspects of life. The negative helps us to appreciate the positive and enjoy it more. If everything was good all the time – life would be boring – I know that sounds strange but just think about it. Everything we experience in life is preparing us to live our purpose and everything that is happening to us is for a reason.

It’s in living our purpose that true happiness is found.

Change is necessary for us to grow as a person. People that never change, never grow and often times that change only comes to us when we’re going through very difficult times. Our greatest lessons are learned when we go through life’s most difficult trials. And sometimes we need that shock to our system to wake us up to what is really important and to get us on the path we were meant to be on. There is a purpose to life and all of the situations and people put in our life are there for a reason.

The greatest tests in life yield the greatest rewards.

Life’s greatest victories belong to those with the greatest struggles and who overcome them. To those who are struggling and are going through difficult times, and I know there are many who are reading this that are, just remember the bad times never last – this will pass and the victory on the other side will so be worth it!

Life is not a random event!
You’re here right now at this place in your life for a REASON embrace it, love it, live it!

Beverly Butler
Health Coach, Podcast Host, Author

Disclaimer: As always, this content is not intended nor should it be a substitute for the medical advice of physicians. This article and the contents of this website are intended for information purposes only. Keep in mind that what works for one might not work for another.




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