How could such a simple procedure improve so many health issues? From peanut allergies to reducing fatigue to helping you lose weight. Is it a miracle healing technique? Find out on today’s show…

This technique has helped thousands of people get rid of their allergies, improve their mood and behavior, overcome fears and phobias, and even lose weight. It’s called NAET, which stands for Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique and was developed by Dr. Devi Nambudripad.

Today I talk to Dr. Roy Nambudripad, Dr. Devi’s son, he is a licensed physician in Southern California who practices NAET, which is a non-conventional form of allergy treatment. He explains how NAET basically reprograms the brain and nervous system and desensitizes them to the offending allergen. He has seen thousands and thousands of patients get rid of their allergies from using this technique, some of which were potentially life-threatening.

Dr. Roy says this technique can also help with neurobehavioral problems in children as much as 85% of children with these issues can get better. He’s also seen improvement in emotions, things like depression, fears, and phobias. His mother Dr. Devi has just come out with a new book called “Resetting Your Emotions” in which she explains some things people can do to improve their emotional problems that they may be having.

She has written many books that cover many different things including her main book that is the cornerstone of what her technique does. It’s called “Say Goodbye to Illness” and is a must read for those wanting to know more about NAET. This technique is used by trained health care practitioners from all over the world.

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