You hear the expression ‘thinking outside the box’ all the time. There are those people who get the concept, those who like to talk about it, and then there are some people who wonder what box they’re talking about. SOME people simply think you’re crazy if you come up with ideas or thoughts or even mention that you’re an ‘outside the box’ kinda person.

Should we all think outside the box? Well, let’s see where thinking like the crowd has gotten us. Politically we’re not much better off than we were in years past, (although with the recent election things might actually be about to change and for the better despite what some on the far left think – time will tell).

Have you ever noticed that no matter which Republican or Democrat gets in office – for the most part, things still stay the same? They talk about tax reform, improving education, creating more jobs, yadda, yadda, yadda… and sometimes things do change – a little- and yes, some years the economy is better than at other times, but this could be in large part due to the normal cycles that societies go through. But realistically, why are we still talking about the same subjects year after year? Have things really changed that much for the better?

“Whether something is crazy or not oftentimes depends on how much you know.” Beverly Butler

The problem with the box is that the ‘powers that be’ CONTROL the box and control the people who are living and thinking inside the box. They are told what to think by media-heads. For instance, would you ever get upset over a virus if the mainstream media didn’t push the panic button? Have you ever noticed that people only get upset over stories the media gets upset over? And how many times has it turned out to be much ado about nothing.

Speaking of the media have you ever noticed that all the main stream media pundits talk about the same things around the same times? It’s like they get their programming from the same source? Hmm….

Have you also noticed that whoever starts saying things that are far from the norm especially if it goes against what the mainstream media is saying, they get belittled and their reputation tarnished all because they spoke their minds? This happens even if they have facts to back them up.

Have you ever felt like your strings were being pulled and you were being brainwashed and told what to think, how to feel and what to believe?

Well thankfully, the mainstream media is going the way of the dinosaur and real information is being revealed mainly through the internet and talk radio for those who are open to hearing the truth and to hearing about things outside the box.

Does it pay to think outside the box? You bet it does. As an example, there have been many people who have healed themselves from cancer and other chronic diseases by thinking outside the box. Check out ‘The Truth About Cancer” video series at and other alternative sites and programs that go against the norm.

What happens when you start looking at things from outside the box? You start seeing things that others don’t see and finding solutions that others don’t know exist. You would be amazed at how many answers can be found to problems when you look outside the box.

The average person only sees what’s inside the box. If you want to be more, do more and live a more interesting life then you need to “think outside the box.” The box is where the average, common man is – look around do you really want to be that person – AVERAGE? Not me, you can call me strange, odd, different, whatever, just don’t call me average! Average and normal are BORING, and I don’t do boredom well, at all!

But if you want to be like everyone else then that’s fine just keep your mind inside that proverbial box. Believe me you’ll be more comfortable and life will be easier in many ways and you won’t ruffle any feathers and maybe that’s all you’re here to do – just go along to get along. But in case, you happen upon someone like me who LOVES to think outside the box, don’t be surprised at what you hear because believe me it might be something that will shake your foundation and you may not like it.

That’s what my podcast and talk radio show “The Misdiagnosed Life” at is going to do in 2017 and beyond and that is to stretch your thinking and maybe even make you a little nervous and uncomfortable at times with what you’ll hear. I think you deserve to know the truth, and for those who like to think outside the box then buckle your seatbelt because you’re going to be in for a fun ride and you’re going to learn just how fun and exciting life can be!

So for all of you who love the box remember that the smart tv you’re watching, internet you’re surfing and iphone you carry with you 24/7, etc… were all created and developed by people who thought ‘outside the box.’ So before you go belittling those of us who ‘think outside the box’ remember we would all still be living in caves and walking everywhere if no one stretched their mind enough to go against the norm and take leaps into the unknown – thinking outside the box is refreshing – you should try it!