Ruth Anne Mak is a Karuna Reiki® Master, shamanic practitioner and teacher, La Ho Chi facilitator, an intuitive, and a co-host on the internet radio show Well Rounded Corners. She has a BS degree In Biology/Earth and Space Education and Psychology/Counseling coursework, and uses a combination of Reiki, shamanic techniques, her intuition, La Ho Chi, and simply stepping back and letting her guides and compassionate spirits work through her to help her clients and students help themselves heal and live joyfully.

Host Beverly: What is Reiki and how can it help improve your health/behavior? ie … stress, bad behavior in kids, irritableness, etc…

Ruth Anne Mak: Reiki is a Japanese relaxation technique that helps the body’s energy flow well to promote healing and balance. Reiki practitioners allow Reiki energy to flow through them to the client, thereby relaxing the receiver and helping the energy that may be blocked or unbalanced to flow freely again. We have all come into a room and felt something was unpleasant at one time or another, and there are people and places that just “feel” wonderful or negative, whether we consciously realize what caused the shift in how we feel. Since we are energetic beings as are all living things, we are affected by how well our energy moves through and around us.

We may feel sad if a friend is sad or start laughing at a joke we don’t understand because everyone else is laughing and it feels good to join in. What many people don’t realize is that we often bring positive or negative energy home with us and allow it to affect how we feel. If we are surrounded by negative or old energy that we have trouble letting go of, such as from an old relationship, our family of origin, work, school, or any trauma we have experienced or witnessed, that energy can become stuck, or blocked, and we may become sick or stuck in the past or obsessed with traumas.

Obviously that doesn’t lead to anyone experiencing a joyful and peaceful life, and that includes children. They are little energy sponges, which is a great thing since it helps them learn quickly and understand the world around them. If the environment is peaceful and they are physically and emotionally healthy, they will often have healthy energy fields and do well, but if they become physically ill, the home environment becomes unbalanced due to energy shifts with traumas or divorce, illness, or other causes, they can take in that negative energy and end up behaving in ways that are baffling or disturbing.

The wonderful thing about Reiki is that it works well alongside medical treatments, alternative medical treatments, counseling, or by itself, depending upon the situation. If a person is experiencing symptoms of illness that warrant a doctor’s visit, of course that is the appropriate action, but illness also has an energetic component. When we are sick, any negative energy around us tends to concentrate in our weakest areas, so if a child is sad or angry already and becomes physically sick, the emotional energy can become stuck in that area that is vulnerable. Likewise, when we are sick we tend to feel sad or resent being sick or endure treatments that may be painful or we may experience fear, and that energy can remain with us and prevent us from feeling completely well. If anyone doubts that this can happen, just consider how anger or sadness can linger after an argument or disappointment. We all feel those things, but if we end up holding on to the energy from those experiences we may end up saying things we don’t mean or doing things we regret.

If that same energy hangs around for years we may find ourselves being passed over for promotions with the feedback, “You just don’t seem that interested or passionate about this and you have issues with your temper”, acting out in ways we usually wouldn’t, “Mom and Dad, you don’t understand how I feel! I feel awful and no one believes me! I’m scared and no one will help me! I just want to disappear”. Not everything is strictly energetic, but illness and traumas do have energetic effects.

When a person receives Reiki, the practitioner clears the blocks, makes sure that energy is flowing well, and balances out the energy flow. That helps the body, mind, and spirit to work on the healing that our systems are naturally designed to be able to do. Reiki practitioners, especially Reiki Masters, are used to working with energy and feel slight differences and blocks that need to be released, so when those are removed and Reiki fills the person they often feel lighter and more relaxed. When that happens with a child who has had energetic issues that affected behavior, the child often seems more him or herself and may start to cooperate with treatment and sleep better in my experience.

Remember, though, that each person is different, and while one might have predominantly energy blocks and stuck energy, another might have a physical illness that has a simple energetic aspect. Therefore each situation is different and may require more or less time to see improvement. Working with parents is important as well, since often parents understandably become entwined with the child and need help with their own energy so the child can improve.

Host Beverly: What are some of the stats that show Reiki is for real? Ex. reiki in hospitals, lab tests, etc…

Ruth Anne Mak: Reiki is now offered at many hospitals, hospices, and clinics, and I have a list of them for you but please note that this list is a partial list, since there are other lists available that contain well over a hundred mainstream medical facilities that offer Reiki sessions. Add that to the other 800 known medical facilities that provide Reiki educational materials and the fact that those listed are only the ones that happened to make it on the list and not all are represented, and you have a technique that is gaining a reputation for helping many people lead healthier and happier lives. That doesn’t include, of course, the many Reiki practitioners who practice privately and those who give Reiki to friends, family, and themselves as part of their lives and not as a practice. Reiki helps because it doesn’t target just a hurt foot or sore throat, or sadness a person might feel, but is a holistic experience that allows energy to flow wherever it is needed to help the recipient wherever the problems may really be.

There have been several studies done regarding Reiki’s effectiveness, and this link provides useful information and since it is offered in so many healthcare settings I am sure there will be new data coming out over time. One issue that is debated is whether it is the Reiki that helps so much or the practitioner’s nurturing of the the client, but since I have seen incredible results with distance Reiki when the recipient didn’t even know Reiki was sent, I can say that although choosing a Reiki practitioner who is well-trained and compassionate makes a big difference in outcome, the Reiki itself is what does the “heavy” work. It is the same idea as chatting with a traditional Western doctor who listens and cares compared to one who rushes through an appointment or isn’t interested in listening to what a patient is saying or is rude. While the surgery may still be successful, the patient may come away from the experience with less than optimal results. There are many variables related to Reiki sessions since each one is different according to the client’s needs for that day.

Host Beverly: What are some real life examples that you have experienced in how Reiki has helped others?

Ruth Anne Mak: Oh, this is such an easy question to answer, but only if you have a lot of time to listen. I have seen people limp in on crutches and one come in a wheelchair, but walk out or come back the next week walking and much better. Was that all Reiki? Well, yes, in that Reiki helps reduce swelling and pain – in injuries, and if a person has unusual or resistant symptoms sometimes the energetic component prevents a return to health. I have given hundreds of Reiki sessions as a practitioner, not including those for friends and family, over the years, and I never seen a person not benefit from Reiki. It isn’t always in way they expect, but there is benefit.

For instance, a person might come in with persistent chest congestion that doesn’t resolve despite typical treatments, but during a session may realize (without any prompting from me) that she is holding grief there from a loss she never allowed herself to feel. Once we release that energy she can grieve and begin the healing process, and though she didn’t expect to have anything but clearer lungs, she ends up breathing easier and feeling some peace as well. Or a man might have a painful lower back and not realize he is still angry at his brother for something he did years ago. We release that energy and he becomes aware of how it affects him to hold on to it, and he will usually feel much better. The child who has picked up negative energy somewhere may be angry, scared, sad, or act strangely, and when the energy is released and the blocks removed s/he often starts becoming the child s/he was before the problems started or is at least able to cooperate in healing for the first time in a long time. People who come from abusive backgrounds can benefit from the relaxation and balance that Reiki brings, and I have seen many clients realize that they can heal and find peace in their lives after they receive Reiki. I see physical, emotional, and spiritual changes in clients, and I am honored to be able to witness it. I see these things happen often in my practice, but I am still amazed at the changes I see.

Host Beverly: What are your final thoughts Ruth Anne Mak.

Ruth Anne Mak: I see people every day who have lived for many years with sadness, anger, feeling as if life passed them by or they just feel stuck. Some still blame parents or old relationships for their misery or lack of fulfillment in the present, some have physical, emotional, or spiritual issues that don’t don’t completely resolve with medical treatment, and some have children with various issues with with they need help. Energy work is one valuable tool that can really make a difference in a person’s life, whether it be a session in person or at a distance, and it can help whether the person is receiving other treatment or by itself. I would say to anyone who is struggling, whether it is with a life-threatening illness, injury, or a general feeling of not feeling well physically or emotionally or being stuck and unable to move forward and feel peace and joy, or who is struggling to heal from traumas or childhood issues, to reach out for help. You don’t have to live that way and neither do your loved ones, so don’t give up on healing and ask for help. It’s out there and you are worth it!

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