The problem affects 25% of the entire population and 50% of all the buildings in America – yet most doctors don’t know to test for it, nor how to treat it if they find it. My friends – this is one of the MOST misdiagnosed and under-diagnosed illnesses of our time!


Dr. Donald Dennis is an ENT surgeon who specializes in treating sinusitis and has discovered that most cases are related to mold toxins and he has thus, developed several safe and effective products to treat this problem and help his patients get well. Dr. Dennis discovered the breakthrough after closely listening to his patients – especially his sickest patients – had mold sensitivities and detoxing problems that were at the root of their illness, namely sinusitis, but they had other problems as well. Brain fog, memory problems, nerve damage, problems walking, etc… as he says on today’s show mold sensitivity is a multi- system problem. It can affect most any system in the body but when it is properly addressed most patients can and do get well.

“Scientists now know that the living and working conditions that we all are a part of have more than twice the impact on our health than does our genetic code.” Rishi Manchanda

Dr. Dennis has developed several of his own products to treat mold in the body as well as in the house. He did this because there were not any products out there that were safe to use and that actually worked. His products have been tested and proven to work not just in the laboratory but with his patients. Incredibly, he has an unheard of 94% success rate. If any of his patients have trouble getting well he says it’s due to one of four things:

  1. They are still in a moldy environment and don’t realize it.
  2. They are still eating sugar
  3. They have endocrine damage
  4. Co-Infections like Lyme’s , Epstein Barr virus, CMV virus, and Heavy metals like mercury & lead
  5. Malignancy – although this is rare

This is an important topic and show today. Listen to it, take notes and if you or a family member think you have a mold issue then take action because mold toxicity can be a very serious matter, BUT it can be treated successfully with the right doctor who knows what to do and with products that actually work.

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For those who want and need to get their house checked for mold he recommends two companies that know how to properly check for mold. They are:

  1. Mead Endore Envirotech  770-916-0070
  2. Southeastern Allergy Relief    770-315-2324

Medical disclaimer: The information in this podcast is for educational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice in any way. If you have any health concern always see a qualified healthcare practitioner.