Here is the third part in the six areas where all disease starts. I will begin this discussion with imbalance number five- energy field imbalances. This is one of my favorite subjects to study and is in the field of energy medicine. There have been many energetic techniques developed in the past few years to address these imbalances and many people have been helped by them.

Our body has 7 different chakras which are deep energy centers aligned in the center of our body from our head to the bottom of our spine. We also have different energy meridians that run throughout our body, and if energy gets blocked in any of these areas it can cause problems. Some people brush this off as just new age stuff and yes, new age people believe in energy medicine and techniques but this has been proven true in science that we are energy and that we have energetic meridians running throughout our body. Truth is truth and it doesn’t matter who talks about it or believes it – if it’s true then it’s true.

As I’ve just mentioned there are many different energetic techniques available to handle energetic blockages or just negative energy that can be present in the energy field around us. Reiki is one technique that is very good at clearing the biofield or energy field of the person and opening up the chakras and getting the energy flowing like it should throughout the body.

Dr. Nelson’s body code and emotion code is also great to remove blocked energy from anywhere in the body. This blocked energy can cause emotional disturbances or pain and when removed these problems generally go away.

This brings me to imbalance number 6 – trapped emotions. Everything is energy even emotions and sometimes these emotions can get stuck in the body instead of moving through us and this can cause a lot of problems. Dr. Nelson’s emotion code is great at finding and helping to release these trapped emotions.

This is why when we are feeling sad, depressed, or guilty, etc. we should feel it and just let it go through us and realize that it’s just an emotion and will pass but we need to let it pass through and not get stuck. But if it does then know that there is something that can be done to release it. It’s amazing how much our health can suffer when we have trapped emotions.

So if you have a health problem that you just can’t seem to get resolved these are the six areas that you want to get checked out and look into as this covers the different areas where all disease begins.

To read more about this subject you can get the ebook, “The Six Underlying Causes of All Disease” by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

Beverly Butler
Author, Trained Health Coach

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