In part one of this article on “Superfoods,” I discussed the importance of getting high quality nutrition in the form of superfoods which are foods that have a high amount of nutrition per serving. I also talked about how important it is to consume enough of them and that they be easily absorbed by the body, and the fact that most of our digestive systems here in America just simply don’t work like they should. In part two, I want to discuss how to have a healthier body by living a more healthy life and consuming superfoods.

One way to start taking better care of ourselves is to get enough rest, eat healthy food, drink pure water, and exercise, etc… But another way (or should I say along with this), is to consume high quality superfoods. This is the direction I’m going more so in my personal life and that is consuming superfoods. This is whole food supplementation that can come in the form of a shake, which is what I’m referring to in this article, but, there are certain foods that are considered superfoods like nuts, berries, grapes, etc…

Green vegetable smoothieSuperfoods are very high in nutritive value and are harvested as a whole food and is considered a very healthy food. Singling out individual nutrients and selling them separately is not always a good idea as many nutrients work synergistically to give a greater benefit than individual ones. You need enzymes, minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, etc… to get full nutrition not just vitamins and minerals alone.

In superfoods when they are harvested so as to preserve their nutritive value you get all of the value that food has to offer and all of those nutrients work together to help your body heal and repair itself.

High quality superfoods will usually help you start to feel better sooner than most vitamins and minerals will. You may notice a difference in as little as a few days to a few weeks or months.

Superfoods have dense nutrition. The best superfoods are those that are harvested without heat and in a way that preserves the enzymes and other nutrients. If the enzymes have been destroyed then it’s not a high quality superfood.

There are some good superfoods and some not so good superfoods out there, so be sure you do your research and get one that is of a high quality and free of heavy metals and other toxins. Also, be sure it tastes good because if it doesn’t you may not drink it, and if you don’t drink it-it won’t do you any good.

So give superfoods a try – I think you will like the results and so will your body!

Beverly Butler
Author, Trained Health Coach

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