Supplements are in high demand today and are a multi-million dollar industry, but have you ever taken supplements and noticed some weeks or months later that you don’t feel any better? And you question the wisdom of taking something that doesn’t seem to be working?

There are many reasons for this, allergies being one, low quality supplements another – read on to find out more.

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Well, you have every right to question that and you may be right. I’ve recently discovered something that has opened up a whole new level of understanding for me and that discovery is that people can be allergic to their supplements even the good high quality natural supplements and natural vitamins that are on the market.

I had never thought about before but after going to an allergy doctor who is certified in NAET – a treatment that helps the body eliminate allergies for good, I discovered that I was allergic to most of the supplements I was taking.

Everyone understands that people can be allergic to pollen, dogs, cats, trees, various foods, etc… but it never crossed my mind that good and healthy substances like supplements can cause an allergic reaction in people. I was also allergic to broccoli, celery, iodine, plus many more healthy substances.

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I also learned that not only can you be allergic to healthy foods and supplements, but you can be allergic to people, plastic, radiation, heat, cold, water, your own body fluids, organs, etc…

This was amazing to me, but the good news is there is a treatment that people can take that helps the body eliminate all of these allergies and more. This is what my daughter and I are going through now, and it’s very interesting to say the least and it’s working as I am already able now to take many of the supplements I was allergic to.


This is I believe one of the biggest reasons why supplements don’t seem to work for some people. As Dr. Marilyn Elliott, our allergy doctor and a NAET practitioner, has stated, that if you consume a substance that you are allergic to say for instance, the supplement vitamin C – your body will do one of two things: it will either ignore it or it will accumulate in your body and become a toxin.

Watch the full interview on allergies I did with Dr. Elliott by joining “The Moms Advocate” click below for more information:

momsbannersmhdNow your body definitely needs vitamin C it just needs to be reprogrammed as it were to accept it as a nutrient instead of a toxin. Imagine something like high quality supplements being toxic to certain allergic people instead of helpful. No wonder many people can’t tell if their supplements are working or not.

Watch the video here:

In part 2, I will discuss more reasons why your supplements may not be working. You don’t want to miss it as it could save you from wasting hundreds of dollars in buying supplements that are not working for you.

Beverly Butler
Author, Trained Health Coach

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