In continuing this discussion of the six areas to look at when searching for imbalances in the body that can give rise to disease, the third area to check out is nutritional deficiencies. Everyone knows you have to eat healthy to be healthy, at least that is one part of the equation. But many people don’t realize that our food supply is not as nutritious as it used to be a few decades ago. Our soils have been depleted of minerals, and with the advent of genetically modified foods – the nutrition in our food has been greatly reduced, contrary to what the proponents claim. GMO food is not healthier and as a matter of fact is very dangerous and bad for our health. To learn more about this topic go to Jeffrey Smith’s site

Our body has to have nutrition to function normally. Nutrition is not only needed to build healthier cells which ultimately leads to a healthier body, but nutrition also helps to detoxify our cells from the many toxins that enter them on a daily basis.

It cannot be overstated how important good nutrition is. It’s literally a matter of life and death. This is why it’s important to supplement your diet with healthy nutritional supplements or superfoods. I believe the closer you can get to whole nutrition as in superfoods the better. I’m becoming a big fan of superfoods, they are packed with nutrition. Good nutrition will give the body some of what it needs to function as God intended.

One other thing I want to discuss in talking about nutrition is that sometimes a person can have allergies to healthy foods or to nutritional supplements, etc. If that happens this can hinder one’s progress in getting well or healthier and can actually make a person feel worse. For example, if someone is allergic to vitamin B, the body will either ignore it or accumulate it and turn it into a toxin. So the person will either be wasting his or her money or causing more harm to their body because of the allergy. One of the best treatments for allergies is an alternative treatment called NAET developed by Dr. Devi Nambutripad. The theory behind this treatment is that allergies are caused by energetic blockages and NAET gets rid of those blockages and allows the body to rid itself of the allergies. It’s been proven to work time and again. You can read more about this technique in her Dr. Devi’s book called, “Say Good-bye to Illness.”

Dr. Nelson also mentions trapped emotions as another problem that can hinder the absorption of nutrients which can create deficiencies. This is another way that energy can get blocked in the body and cause problems.

The next imbalance – the fourth one is toxins. We are constantly bombarded everyday with thousands of toxins everything from chemicals in our food and house, to heavy metals from vaccines, fish, etc. to the chemicals in our air and water. It has even been discovered that babies in the womb are also getting contaminated with toxins before they are even born. An article in called “Pollution in the Womb” states,

“Umbilical cord blood from 10 babies was tested for 413 industrial chemicals and pollutants. The tests found an average of 200 of these chemicals in each newborn, and a total of 287 chemicals in the group. The umbilical cord blood of the 10 babies harboured pesticides, consumer product ingredients, and wastes from burning coal, gasoline and garbage. Some of the chemicals found in the cord blood are banned or severely restricted in the US.”

This is very sad indeed and scary. One wonders what kind of health problems these kids are going to have when they get older. Maybe this could be a reason we’re seeing more neurobehavioral problems in children these days. They are being born toxic in a very toxic world. This is, I believe, causing them to be more vulnerable and sensitive to getting sick.

The problem is not just with the very young, it’s with all of us. We are all toxic – more so than our ancestors and this makes it that much more important that we cleanse our bodies from these toxins often. Of course, one should do this under the supervision of their health care provider.

Dr. Nelson also mentions that it can be harder to detoxify our body if we have trapped emotions. This is something in which he has developed a very successful technique to help people get rid of trapped emotions. He has trained several people to do this, and it can be done over the phone as it is an energetic technique. I’ve had this done myself and can vouch that it works!

For more information on the emotion code which helps to release blocked emotions go to The last two imbalances will be discussed in the next article – part 3.

Beverly Butler
Author, Trained Health Coach

Disclaimer: As always, this content is not intended nor should it be a substitute for the medical advice of physicians. This article and the contents of this website are intended for information purposes only. Remember what works for one might not work for another.